Warhammer 40k – Blood of Iax Audiobook

Warhammer 40k – Blood of Iax Audiobook

Warhammer 40k - Blood of Iax Audiobook

Warhammer 40k – Blood of Iax Audio Book Free


Invite to this instalment of Fast Fire, my recurring series of fast interviews with Black Library authors speaking about their new releases. These are short and also pleasant meetings, with the idea being that each writer will certainly respond to (essentially) the very same questions– by the end of each meeting I wish you will have an excellent idea of what the brand-new book (or audio drama) has to do with, what motivated it as well as why you may wish to check out or listen to it.

In this instalment I talked with Robbie MacNiven concerning taking on the Ultramarines in his most recent 40k novel Blood Of Iax, which is readily available to get right now in hardback, digital book and also audiobook formats.

As usual, let’s obtain straight to the concerns as well as Robbie’s solutions.
will certainly Primaris Ultramarines– an Apothecary and a Pastor that were birthed blood-brothers prior to their induction right into the Phase– find themselves on the wrong end of a Waaagh! led by a Frankenstein-esque monstrosity of an ork warlord who has particularly dark styles for one of the two brothers.
In the blue corner we have the brothers Kastor and also Polixis (high 5 to those of you that like your timeless background). Kastor is the younger of the two, a Primaris Chaplain full of fire as well as angry certainty. Warhammer 40k – Blood of Iax Audiobook Free. Polixis is somewhat older, a Primaris Apothecary, much more measured as well as born down by his tasks and experiences.
In the eco-friendly edge there’s Urgork, a patchwork monster of an ork warlord, stitched as well as sewn with each other by the crazy brilliant of his ever-present painboy assistant. He’s looking for a particular treatment for his ‘speshul kondition’.
It’s set on the industrialised globe of Ikara near the present timeline date, so a bit reluctant of a century beyond the events of the Gathering Tornado.
Kastor as well as Polixis made their debut in the narrative A Brother’s Confession, which appeared for cost-free in a White Dwarf a couple of months back, as well as is still readily available as an eshort on the Black Library website. Past that Person Haley’s superb Dark Imperium should provide you the supreme primer for both the Ultramarines and the brand-new grimdark of the existing, advanced setting!
My editors approached me concerning a year ago to ask if I ‘d like to do an Ultramarines Primaris story. I desired a fresh angle– the Ultramarines are quite well established, besides! We promptly appealed the idea of doing the story from the viewpoints of an Apothecary and also a Pastor that had actually been siblings also before being inducted right into the Chapter– none of those suggestions had truly been tried prior to. I liked the idea, and also really wished to discover more of the ‘day-to-day routine’ of the likes of a Dispenser and also a Pastor. Their added tasks certainly make a modification from the norm experienced by the majority of Space Militaries.
My major influences, perhaps unsurprisingly, were Graham McNeill’s Ultramarines books. Warriors of Ultramar was the initial Black Library book I ever checked out, aged 11. Blood of Iax Audiobook Download. It terminated my creativity and also assisted chart my training course to becoming a writer a little bit over a decade later on.