Warhammer 40k – Hunters-Moon Audiobook

Warhammer 40k – Hunters-Moon Audiobook

Warhammer 40k - Hunters-Moon Audiobook

Warhammer 40k – Hunters-Moon Audio Book Free


Hello there! Alpharius (Cannon fodder is my cover name) below reporting for Heresy in the Library, where I examine Black Collection productions and provide you, the viewers, insight right into what is appearing. Up for review this time is my first tackle at Black Library audio productions, the new Horus Heresy audio dramatization “Seeker’s Moon”. In it we will certainly find Room Wolves, regular people caught up in the Heresy, as well as Alpharius. Spoiler alert, EVERYBODY is Alpharius. So sit back, grab some amasec, as well as appreciate!

While this is my first evaluation to deal with Black Collections audio manufacturings it is not the first listen to I have actually given to them. I’ve invested my fair share of funds getting to hear their audio dramatization and also their audiobook manufacturings. They have maintained me amused at work when I’ve had absolutely nothing else to do or when I have actually desired some more immersion while painting. Warhammer 40k – Hunters-Moon Audiobook Free. While I am a rabid reader, I am something of a sucker for a well-produced sound dramatization or well ported audio book. I’m happy to claim Black Collection has both.

Seeker’s Moon, after that, is a thirty-five minute production outlining the destiny of the Area Wolf pack that was sent to keep Alpharius in check. For those not aware, Malcador had the great idea that the Legions that didn’t rebel at Istvaan III would certainly be sent Space Wolf crams in order to maintain their Primarchs in check. While this is a good idea taking into consideration the Area Wolves title as “Executioners”… it is a negative concept when you understand that the packs that mosted likely to the rest of the surprise traitors were mosting likely to be killed in the worst ways possible. Sort of an awful thought, right?

The tale is told mainly via flashbacks. The storyteller is a seafarer on a backwater Imperial sea world called Pelago that, in his youth, remembers “the day the Hydra involved Pelago” to afraid young people on the watercraft with him. Of course he is old and also grizzled at the time of the informing, but in his youth he was joined by his captain and also cousin. They witness a flaming ship descend to the ocean and also choose to investigate.

Which is, obviously, the most effective strategy.

When they locate the last of the pack, he details the battle with Alpharius and also his males on board the flagship of the currently inoperative 88th Expedition (which is an enjoyable throwback to Legion) after they are struck by the Alpha Legion. I will not provide lots of looters, but Alpharius is eliminated and the Wolves leave. So, it’s all as much as the lone Wolf to give the word of Alpharius’ death to the Imperium at large. Certainly, there is the general ruin and grief of the higher heresy at large, yet it’s mainly behind-the-scenes to the instant problems offered. Which is type of wonderful. As well as, certainly, the end of the thirty five mins has some doom and also grief to it too, with the surly old narrator remembering the fate of his kin and of the Wolf.

It’s a brief piece of work as well as it’s a simple listen. We’re not overloaded with significant names, massive fights, or anything especially tough. Which, with a world which consistently handles gods, demi-gods, and also large god damned heroes, is also good every as soon as and also awhile. Hunters-Moon Audiobook Online. I suppose it’s a fun stand-alone piece handling the Alpha Legion, but I was hoping for even more … content. It’s a piece that is a pay attention or two and afterwards it will certainly sit in your collection. Unless you have some hardcore love for the Alpha Legion in which situation … ALPHARIUS! But what else are you going to get for thirty 5 minutes?

It deserves looking into, however I suspect it was extra intended to support the Hardback edition of Legion, along with the audiobook version of it. If you haven’t obtained an opportunity to check it out yet either (it’s rather old, but past delightful for a range of factors) then I would definitely advise it. There’s a lot of “I’M ALPHARIUS” Alpha Myriad action, yet the Imperial Military units in it are so, so incredible.

Geno-Five 2 Chiliad, Hoorah!

So, if you are so likely head on over to Black Library and also pick yourself up either/or. Considering the love that the Alpha Legion obtain you won’t locate much else on them (aside from Deliverance Lost as well as some tiny short stories) so it may be an enjoyable financial investment. Plus, you obtain those remarkable sketchings!