Warhammer 40k – Martyrs of Elysia Audiobook

Warhammer 40k – Martyrs of Elysia Audiobook

Warhammer 40k - Martyrs of Elysia Audiobook

Warhammer 40k – Martyrs of Elysia Audio Book Free


Chris Dows’ audio drama Martyrs of Elysia is the 3rd as well as final instalment in the collection that started with Scions of Elysia and continued with Renegades of Elysia, detailing the unsafe allegations levelled against Professional Sergeant Zachariah and also his efforts to clear his name. As he’s questioned by the ruthless Commissar Mastroval, Zachariah experiences an unbalanced, eventful attack on the rebel-held world of Veyland Sinestre and the culmination of his ongoing feud with a senior officer, whose murder he’s been implicated of. All the while Mastroval keeps excavating– into Zachariah’s activities, his loyalties, and also his background.

After 2 audios portraying Zachariah at an eliminate, via the eyes of fellow Elysians Adullam as well as Uldek, it’s wonderful to locate the Sarge (articulated by Stephen Perring) front and centre, matching wits with Mastroval and also telling his side of the story. It coincides premise as the other two, with the story split between the close confines of Mastroval’s investigation and also the explosive, widescreen action of life in the Elysian 158th. Warhammer 40k – Martyrs of Elysia Audiobook Free. As befits the final part of the bigger story, the stakes are more than ever before in both areas, and they’re woven with each other beautifully– Zachariah’s heroics in the midst of a chaotic, tragic decrease assault, as well as Mastroval’s sharp, persistent penetrating of Zachariah’s tale.

Narratively it’s a story which can work fine in prose, yet revives in sound with the juxtaposition of both contrasting hairs really emphasised by the transforming soundscapes. There’s a spot-on balance of action and intrigue, both gave dazzling life by the usual sterling job from the voice actors, and Howard Carter’s songs and also SFX layout. Once again Jonathan Keeble’s Mastroval is just a delight to pay attention to, while as the series has proceeded there’s been slowly much less of Steve Conlin’s remarkably obnoxious Bandrac, who mainly plays a history role right here. Likewise most of the other characters– it all boils down to Zachariah as well as Mastroval now, and as the story progresses you’re left questioning whether Mastroval in fact has a factor, as well as just what was going on with Zachariah the whole time? Martyrs of Elysia Audiobook Download. If you’ve read either of Dows’ short stories including Zachariah, you’ll obtain simply a bit a lot more context, yet they’re not crucial.

It’s testimony to just how good Black Collection (especially manufacturer Matt Renshaw) have actually got with audios that everything fits together perfectly right here– Dows’ script is tight and efficient, and John Banks’ storyteller is utilized judiciously but commonly fades out leaving the actors as well as audio design to lug the tale with no concerns at all. Of the 3 audios this is possibly the one to choose if you were just going to pay attention to one, yet as the ending to the collection it brings whatever with each other beautifully, drawing in elements from earlier in the series that you might not have actually understood was essential, and contextualising the job Dows has actually performed with developing the political structures of Elysia. It’s a wonderful story in its very own right, and also caps off the series in gratifying style– if you haven’t already, currently would certainly be a blast to begin with the beginning and also enjoy a smart, highly enjoyable audio series.