Warhammer 40k – Taker of Heads Audiobook

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Warhammer 40k – Taker of Heads Audiobook

Warhammer 40k - Taker of Heads Audiobook Free

Warhammer 40k – Taker of Heads Audiobook


Taker of Heads is a 70 (ish) minute Mortifactors audio dramatization which sees Ian St. Martin return to the character of Adoni from his narrative Deathwatch: Swordwind. This moment it’s a story of Adoni’s youth, as he and also his fellow novices are released to the jungle world of Aztlan to aid the embattled, outclassed Imperial Guard in their battle versus the shrewd t’au. There’s more at stake for Adoni than just defeating the t’au nonetheless, as this goal uses him the opportunity to show himself a taker of heads, and make his name and also his location within the Chapter.

The Mortifactors are not a well-described Phase thus far, yet if you’re interested in figuring out a little bit much more about what makes a Mortifactor tick after that this is the tale for you. Informed via John Banks’ initial individual narrative as Adoni, it starts with a recollection of a primitive search that he launched prior to being selected by the Mortifactors, before moving on to the rookies’ pre-battle rituals and then the stressful, atmospheric forest war of the goal against the t’au. Warhammer 40k – Taker of Heads Audiobook Online. It’s all packed with information and also personality for not simply Adoni however the Phase as a whole, and uses a remarkable amount of globe structure for the Mortifactors without jeopardizing the quality of the story itself.

St. Martin wears his impacts on his sleeve, unashamedly funneling Killer once the story reaches the Aztlan forest. There’s no “reach the chopper” moment here, although there are catches and ambushes aplenty, and the predator/prey dynamic is significantly in place with the t’au’s technical supremacy stacking the chances in their favour. There’s always the sense, nonetheless, that Area Militaries don’t make easy victim, and although Adoni is ‘just’ a neophyte he’s a practiced hunter who’s driven to make it through as well as be successful. Despite the evident influences it’s still a 40k tale, and as it turns out there’s lots of entertaining crossover with 40k as a setting and 90s activity film designings!

Most importantly, this works very well as an audio drama and also not simply a 40k tale, despite the heavy narration focus. The choice of an initial individual point of view for the narrator is an effective one, staying clear of any type of feeling of excess presentation as well as permitting Adoni’s voice to really come through using Banks’ gauged, slightly threatening delivery. The Mortifactors are portrayed with half-whispered pseudo-Eastern-European accents, as well as while it might have been nice to listen to something a little various it does loop well with all of the actors going with comparable stylings. Taker of Heads Audiobook Stream. Meanwhile the songs and also sound layout are as reliable as ever, effortlessly summoning vivid ambiences that assist bring the story to life as well as complement St. Martin’s script. On the whole, as long as you don’t mind the overt plot recommendations, there’s a terrific balance of action and character advancement and some really interesting insight into this uncommon Chapter. It’s well worth taking a look at.